What are the advantages of using natural cosmetics?


The power of plants

Natural cosmetics do not work in the same way as conventional cosmetics but are at least as efficient. They stimulate the skin's self-adjusting properties and support its natural function.

Many plant-based raw materials have an enormous "efficacy" which has been known about for centuries and has now been proven in scientific studies. Plant oils, juices and extracts can nourish, provide moisture, protect, tighten, smooth and much more.


The effect of organic natural cosmetics

Smooth, firm skin is one of the most common consumer requirements in the skincare sector. In the anti-ageing area in particular, conventional cosmetics may have an immediate visible effect but this is only short-lived. Chemistry and complicated formulas promise visible success, products such as hyaluron fillers or express masks pump moisture and silicone into the skin. The effect is only of short duration, however.

In natural cosmetics, the focus is not on short-term benefits but on long-term, preventive and healthy benefits for the skin. With secondary plant substances, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, natural cosmetics have a broader impact on premature skin-ageing. Broad spectrums of valuable substances have been shown to protect the skin better than compounds of isolated substances created in the laboratory that are contained in conventional products, such as Q10.

Increasing environmental pollution

Our skin, indeed our entire organism, is burdened with increasing numbers of foreign substances due to today's lifestyle (increasing environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyle etc.).

Synthetically manufactured cosmetic raw materials such as paraffin, PEG and parabens can damage the skin. Many chemical substances infiltrate the corneal layer and are deposited in the tissue over a long period of time. This affects the entire organism. By using natural foods and natural cosmetics, personal exposure to harmful substances can be significantly reduced.

Further reasons for natural cosmetics


Organic farming

By using organically grown raw materials, the soil is organically cultivated and people use less chemicals whose manufacture alone is detrimental to the environment.


Fair trade

Natural cosmetics manufacturers prefer raw materials from fair-trade suppliers. Fair trade is a wonderful way of fighting global poverty.


Learning to understand ingredients

To assess the value of cosmetics, you need to read the INCI, or International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients, printed on all cosmetic products. As manufacturers of natural cosmetics, we want to encourage this way of thinking and behaving as natural cosmetics thrive on transparency and openness. As not everyone can understand the INCI due to the mixture of Latin and English terms, we display a so-called full declaration on all our products, that is a list of the individual ingredients in the language of the country concerned. We want you to understand, what's inside our cosmetics.

Our tip: only use cosmetics whose ingredients you can understand.

Would you like to find out more about ingredients? Then use our dictionary of ingredients.

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