Aloe vera for skin diseases


The power of aloe vera

Aloe vera has been used as a healing and beauty plant for thousands of years and is still regarded today as an all-rounder in naturopathy when it comes to skin problems. It provides and stores moisture, activates cell renewal, has an anti-inflammatory, cooling and soothing effect and promotes wound healing. This versatility makes it an ideal active ingredient for alleviating skin problems. The valuable ingredients from the inside of fresh Aloe Vera leaves bind the active ingredient saturated moisture and make it available when required.

Santaverde manufactures only cosmetic products and no medical preparations. It is difficult to make a general product recommendation for skin diseases. The recommendations in the following are based on the experience of our cosmeticians and customers with skin diseases as well as scientific findings on individual active ingredients. Santaverde beauticians offer personal advice on individual skin needs.

Acne and impure skin

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. Not every acne shows the same skin appearance and every skin has different "phases". The monthly cycle, stress and especially the diet have an influence on the severity of the disease. Acne is mainly a disease of the sebaceous follicle. The sebaceous glands (comedones) clog up and provide the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to multiply. This leads to an inflammatory reaction of the surrounding tissue and the visible reddening of the skin. The comedo develops into a papule, pustle or even a knot, from impure skin to the severe course of acne.

Which care is suitable for acne and impure skin?

Care against acne should be effective against impurities and their new development. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating active ingredients are therefore ideal. In addition, the care should be mild, not dry out or irritate the skin and calm the stressed skin and bring it back into balance.

Particularly important is the deeply effective and gentle cleansing with the oil-free pure purifying cleanser. Then use pure clarifying toner with thyme hydrolate. It has an antibacterial effect, clarifies and prevents impurities. For subsequent care, we recommend pure mattifying fluid, which mattifies the skin with soothing rose hip seed oil and counteracts impurities. It is gently massaged into the still toner-wet skin. As an additional special care, the light pure refining serum can be applied before the fluid - it has a refining effect and the evening primrose oil soothes redness. The pure anti-spot gel is ideal as an SOS gel for the targeted treatment of acute inflammations. It contains the active ingredient zinc, has an antibacterial effect, supports healing and minimises the risk of scarring.

Impure skin is not always accompanied by oily skin. Maybe you have to fight with dry skin or dry skin areas or your skin needs more care e.g. in winter. The slightly milder "fragrance-free" variants of cream medium  or  cream rich are particularly suitable as additional care. As a special care for the sensitive eye area, the fragrance free eye cream can also be used.


Couperosis is a hereditary vasodilatation that mainly affects the face. It usually occurs from the age of 30 if a constitutional weakness of the connective tissue is present. In the initial stage only a temporary redness develops, especially on the nose and cheeks, which can become permanent later. The skin is usually sensitive and tends to dryness. Sometimes the skin feels hot and burns. Couperosis can later turn into rosacea.

Which care is suitable for couperose?

A soothing care which does not additionally stimulate the blood circulation of the skin is particularly important. In addition, the care should be mild and contain no fragrances at best. Even if the skin often tends to dryness with couperose, highly oily creams should be avoided. Since we offer very light products with a higher proportion of hydrophilic substances and fewer oils (oil-in-water emulsion), our creams generally tolerate this skin type very well and benefit from the soothing, cooling and cell-renewing properties of aloe vera.

We recommend the cleansing emulsion for cleansing. For toning you can use the toner sensitive with soothing and strengthening rose hydrolate. Both pure mattifying fluid with soothing rose hip seed oil and cream light without fragrance are suitable as basic care. Both products are very light and intensely moisturizing. As special care, applied before the fluid, we recommend the pure refining serum as well as our hydro repair gel without scent. Soothing active ingredients such as aloe vera and evening primrose have a caring and reddening effect. For the sensitive eye area eye cream without scent is recommended.


Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that mainly affects the face. The disease usually starts between the ages of 30 and 40. It first manifests itself in redness caused by the dilated veins of the skin. This early stage is also called couperosis. The redness increases over time and inflamed pustules and nodules develop, which look spotty and partly scaly. The most affected areas are the nose, chin and forehead. The skin of rosacea patients is sensitive and irritated.

Which care is suitable for rosacea?

Due to the fact that rosacea leads to inflammatory processes, anti-inflammatory and calming active substances are important, which should not have an astringent effect. The skin is very sensitive and irritated by many ingredients. Especially irritation and redness soothing active agents have a positive effect on the skin. In addition, the protective acid mantle should be stabilized. Sebum-regulating active ingredients are ideal for regulating excess sebum. Also an intensive hydration of the skin is important to minimize dandruff formation. Light textures with a low fat content are important, but they also have a balancing and nourishing effect. In order not to irritate the skin unnecessarily, fragrances are not recommended.

For gentle cleansing you can use our mild cleansing emulsion. To minimize inflammation and sebum production, pure clarifying toner with salicylic acid from willow bark is very suitable. We recommend the light and moisturizing pure mattifying fluid as well as the cream light without fragrance, which you massage into the still toner-moist skin. Especially in phases where the skin shows many inflammations, we recommend the pure refining serum as well as our hydro repair gel without fragrance - both with soothing evening primrose oil. The eye cream without fragrance is ideal for the sensitive eye area.


Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease in which skin cells are transported to the surface much faster because the immune system attacks the skin cells. On the outside, it mainly appears through red, inflamed skin areas covered with silvery scales. These skin areas are usually sharply defined and inflammatory reddened. Psoriasis is often accompanied by itching. The symptoms can occur all over the body, as well as on the scalp. In the face, the hairline is particularly affected.

Which care is suitable for psoriasis?

Even if the disease cannot be cured with care products, symptoms such as itching and inflammation can be alleviated and dandruff detachment supported. As the skin is very dry in psoriasis, it needs rich care ingredients that strengthen the skin's protective barrier. In order not to irritate the skin unnecessarily, fragrances are not recommended for this skin disease either. Aloe vera with its itch-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties is ideal for psoriasis. Salicylic acid - which is contained in all Santaverde pure products - is also a well-known agent in psoriasis treatment to remove dandruff and inhibit inflammation.

Choose the cleansing emulsion to cleanse the psoriasis skin, as it has a moisturising effect, does not dry out the skin and retains its hydro-lipid coat. Then use the pure clarifying toner with anti-inflammatory thyme hydrolate. Since the dry skin needs a rich care, the rich, restorative cream rich without fragrance with soothing evening primrose and moisture-binding argan oil is suitable for this. As special care you can use the pure refining serum or the hydro repair gel without scent, both with itch-relieving evening primrose oil. For the sensitive eye area - as with any problem skin - the fragrance free eye cream is the right choice.

As the mildest, purest aloe vera product, pure aloe vera gel can also be applied in places to irritated, itchy areas of the face and is of course particularly suitable for affected areas of the body. Customers also report that our body lotions are well-tolerated body care products. ome customers suffering from psoriasis can only tolerate the fresh aloe vera plant leaf or alternatively the juice aloepur, the 100% pure drinking juice.


Neurodermatitis, also known as atopic eczema, is a chronic skin inflammation that occurs in phases. The causes lie in a disturbance of the immune system. The natural protective barrier is disturbed, the skin lacks lipids, which means it loses moisture and can penetrate allergenic and other toxic or irritating substances more easily. Typical skin reactions are in part very strong itching, feeling of tension and inflammation.

Which care is suitable for neurodermatitis?

Since the protective barrier of the skin is disturbed in neurodermatitis, active agents that strengthen or rebuild this natural barrier layer are particularly useful. The fat and moisture balance should be brought back into a healthy balance. Since neurodermatitis is accompanied by severe itching, itch-relieving active ingredients are also ideal. As the skin is very susceptible to allergens, a low-scented care should be used. Aloe vera juice contained in all Santaverde products helps against itching. Active ingredients such as pansy blossom extract contained in the pure products are suitable for an anti-inflammatory effect. Aloe vera, hyaluron and soothing active ingredients from rose, rose hip, almond or evening primrose are ideal for building up the fat and moisture balance. We often hear from our customers that they are very successful in using the following products for neurodermatitis:

The cleansing emulsion has a moisturising effect and preserves the skin's hydro-lipid layer. Then sprayed on, the toner sensitive has a calming and balancing effect due to the rose blossom hydrolate it contains. The pure refining serum with pansy blossom extract and evening primrose oil is ideal as special care. Depending on your skin care needs and sensations, use cream medium without fragrance with protective avodaco and grape seed oil or the rich, restorative rich aloe vera cream without fragrance with soothing evening primrose and moisture-binding argan oil. For the sensitive eye area eye cream without fragrance is the right choice.

As the mildest, purest aloe vera product, pure aloe vera gel can also be applied in places to irritated areas of the face and is very well suited for affected areas of the body. Customers also report on our body lotions as the perfect body care product.  

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