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Aloe Vera erntefrisch

Aloe vera leaf

You can order fresh aloe vera plant leaves for internal or external consumption in our online shop. The freshly harvested plant leaves come directly from our own certified organic cultivation on our farm in Andalusia. Full of stored sun, vitality and moisture they are a benefit for your skin and body.

The manual below can be found here as pdf.

Extract the gel fillet - that's the way to do it

Aloe Vera 1

Step 1

You need a sharp knife and a clean chopping board. If necessary use clear water or a paper towel to remove the yellowish Aloin to prevent stains in clothing.

Place the plant leaf on the board and cut off the wide end about 2 - 3 cm. Put this piece aside. The gel fillet can be removed by teaspoon and stored in the fridge for later use.

Aloe Vera 2

Step 2

Now cut again an approximately 1 - 3 cm wide slice of the leaf and remove the two thorny outer edges with the knife (about 1 cm).

Each slice of the leaf can leak Aloin, a yellowish liquid under the outer skin of the leaf. The Aloin, which is not suitable for internal and external consumption, can be removed by washing the leaf discs with clear water or taken up with a paper towel.

Aloe Vera 3

Step 3

Then slash the remaining piece lengthwise into two equal halves. So you get two pieces: in each case you have the shell on the one side, on the other the pure gel fillet. For external consumption you can hold the pieces at the blade shell and brush the fresh gelfillet softly over the skin.

Tip When the peeled surface is no longer fresh, you can simply peel back another layer.

Aloe Vera 4

Step 4

For internal consumption, remove the entire green leaf shell completely and only use the transparent fillet. Enjoy it in smoothies, salads, desserts or cold and warm cocktails. No limits are placed on your imagination!

Tip Fresh aloe fillet can be frozen for later use, when you are not able to consume it in time.


As long as it is not sliced you can store your leaf 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature. Once you have cut the leaf, it should be stored in a cool place, e.g. in the vegetable cooler or any similar cool area in the home. Seal the cut surface in wrapping film or kitchen role.

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