Skincare advice

With our cosmetics, we aim to give you beautiful, healthy skin. Find out what care products are suitable for your own skin condition and see how you can react flexibly to the changing demands of your skin.

Santaverde Pflegeprinzip

The Santaverde skincare principle

Our products can all be combined and mixed together so that you can react flexibly to the differing care requirements of your skin.

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Recommendation according to skin type

Find the ideal care programme with cleanser, toner, moisturiser and special care for your skin condition.

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Advantages of natural cosmetics

How do natural cosmetics work and are they inferior to conventional cosmetics? What advantages are there in consciously deciding to buy natural cosmetics?

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Aloe Vera Blatt Verarbeitung

Fresh aloe vera leaf processing

Enjoy the pure aloe vera by using the fresh gel fillet for internal and external consumption. Learn how to extract the leaf fillet from the hard exterior casing.

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Caring for male skin

Male skin has its own requirements. Discover the ideal products for a healthy, well-cared-for male skin.

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Aloe vera for skin diseases

Aloe vera has been known as a medicinal plant in traditional medicine. Our customers have also had good experiences with aloe vera.

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Santaverde suppliers in Germany

Find an authorised Santaverde supplier near you using our search for suppliers.

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Antioxidants to combat skin-ageing

UV radiation, air pollution, stress – our surroundings trigger oxidative stress resulting in premature ageing of the skin. With natural antioxidants, you can protect your skin from the no. 1 skin-ageing factor.

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