The milestones in the history of Santaverde

Santaverde Finca Felder


Sabine Beer and her husband buy the Finca Verde in Estepona, Andalusia (Spain) as a private holiday home on the Costa del Sol.

sabine beer aloe vera feld santaverde


A Texan neighbour gives Sabine Beer a fresh aloe vera leaf as an insider's tip to use on her inflamed, dehydrated skin. The effect of fresh aloe vera impresses Sabine Beer so much that when she returns to Germany, she only uses aloe  vera cosmetics. However, she is disappointed with the products available on the market or rather the strongly diluted aloe vera powder they contain.

The idea of making cosmetics from the fresh pure gel of the aloe vera plant is born.

Start of her own controlled organic cultivation of aloe vera plants: First, 4,000 aloe baby plants are planted on the two-hectare fields of the Finca Verde – the forebears of the approx. 20,000 plants that exist today.

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Official establishment of the Santaverde Gesellschaft für Naturprodukte mbH.



Harvest of the first mature aloe vera leaves after a growth period of 3-4 years.



Development of the company's own method for processing the fresh aloe vera leaf gel without using any additives.


Launch of the first Santaverde natural cosmetic product: aloe vera juice for skincare.

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Development of a new formulation principle for natural cosmetics: substituting the usual water phase for pure, organic aloe vera juice.

Until today, the formulation principle is the basis of all Santaverde products.



The first Santaverde products are sold via pharmacies, organic food shops and natural cosmetic specialist stores.




Santaverde receives the first research funding from the European Union for the gentle processing of fresh aloe vera leaves.


A second research funding from the EU for the effectiveness of cosmetic products on the skin confirms the exceptional effect of the Santaverde formulation principle.

aloe vera naturkosmetik spezialpflege kosmetik


Relaunch of the Santaverde brand design and presentation of new, innovative natural cosmetic products.




Construction of a production laboratory at the Santaverde Finca in Spain with factory shop for interested visitors and seminar rooms for training.

Brazil: Santaverde acquires an overgrown cashew nut plantation in the northeast of Brazil and develops the luxury anti-ageing cosmetic range xingu.

Green Spa 2010 440x150


Launch of the professional cosmetic concept Santaverde Green Spa – Santaverde now offers training in their own academy in Hamburg for beauticians and spa specialists wishing to give Santaverde treatments.



Santaverde is presented to the Japanese public at the organic specialist trade fair in Tokyo.


Artikel Instyle Polen


Russia becomes a new export partner. In Moscow, the Santaverde brand is stocked in the still very rare natural products stores.

Poland becomes the next European export partner to join the existing group. Numerous articles appear in the Polish press in the first year of launch in Poland.



Move to a former chocolate factory in the Hamburg suburb Groß Borstel. The office and training centre of Santaverde (the academy) are now housed together in new, stylish studios and loft apartments.

Santaverde Naturkosmetik aloe vera pflege age protect


Launch of the anti-ageing cosmetic range age protect with the ingredient aloe  vera blossom nectar, up till now unique in the cosmetic sector.

With the vegan certification seal, confirmation is received that all Santaverde products are 100 % vegan.

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Relaunch of Santaverde visuals with eye-catching presentation of the Santaverde aloe vera and aloe vera flower also launch of Santaverde claim pure intensity.

XINGU age perfect 2015 440x200


Renaming of the xingu high antioxidant prevention line to XINGU age perfect and relaunch of the visual identity through eye-catching presentation of Brazilian beauty-boosting plants with aloe vera.

age protect awards


At the beginning of the year our age protect series convinced at one of the most important beauty awards: In January, the age protect cream was awarded with the Prix de Beautè of the Swiss magazine "annabelle" in the category "Natural cosmetics prestige & popular. In February the age protect series received a nomination of the GALA Spa Awards. In late April the entire series won the prestigious SPA Diamond Award from the Busche Verlag in the category "Green Anti-Aging". The jury of the SPA Diamond was enthusiastic about the Aloe vera blossom nectar as an innovative and at the same time profound active ingredient from a certified organic cultivation. Blessed was the scientific approach and the transfer of knowledge to the products.

Santaverde Naturkosmetik Gala Spa Award age protect


age protect fluid and serum win the Gala Spa Award in the category "Organic Concepts".

The jury evaluated the overall concept of our brand: Use of high quality certified organic raw materials, elaborately handcrafted and harvested aloe vera plants, use of leaves and blossoms in our age protect series.

Last but not least, our products convinced with their excellent compatibility and highly effective care performance.

Santaverde Naturkosmetik aloe vera pflege pure
30 Jahre Santaverde Siegel


Launch of the cosmetic range pure. With a puristic ingredient concept based on aloe vera juice, the gentle care clarifes and soothes impure skin of all ages.

Santaverde looks back on 30 years of company history and publishes these in 12 exciting chapters, narrated by founder Sabine Beer.

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