Pure aloe vera

Aloe vera has been used for centuries to support detoxification and regeneration inside and out.

Aloe vera is a holistic plant that contains a variety of substances such as amino acids and secondary plant substances and has a positive effect on the entire organism.

Figure: Aloe vera leaf fillets

gruppe aloepur
aloe vera pur aloepur direktsaft santaverde naturkosmetik


  • 100 % pure organic aloe vera direct juice from hand-peeled aloe vera leaves
  • from own cultivation in Andalusia

Santaverde products contain our selfcultivated, pure aloe vera juice, which comes directly from our crops in Andalusia. We have been cultivating organic aloe vera in the mild climes of southernmost Europe for over 30 years, harvesting leaves with an average minimum content of 1.200 mg Aloverose per liter, see nutritional value. The reason for this lies in the ideal climate of Andalusia, the organic cultivation, the selection of leaves, ready to harvest and the processing of the leaf fillets by hand. We monitor the purity and quality of our products from the plants’ cultivation until the juice has been bottled and is ready to drink.

Recommended intake
Drink 50 ml aloepur, either undiluted or mixed with mineral water or fruit juice, daily before breakfast. The daily recommended amount of 50 ml may be doubled or tripled as required. Taking this juice should go along with a varied and balanced diet and a healthy way of life.

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koerperpflege aloe vera gel pur santaverde naturkosmetik

pure aloe vera gel

fragrance free

  • first-aid care for the whole family
  • for all skin types

This light gel contains 90% pure aloe vera juice combined with additional nurturing herbal agents. The juice is a wholesome moisturiser that supports the natural regeneration of your skin. Especially soothing and cooling after too much sun, for stressed skin, insect bites and skin irritations. The ideal day-to-day and travel companion for the whole family.

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aloe vera blatt santaverde naturkosmetik

Aloe vera leaf

  • Aloe barbadensis Miller from our own certified organic cultivation
  • for internal and external use

For skin care treatment aloe has a cooling, soothing and antipruritic effectc when applied to the skin. It assists in the reduction of skin irritations and skin inflammations. The pleasant cooling and soothing effects of aloe are especially beneficial for sunburn and insect bites. In addition pure aloe vera provides intensive moisture and supports the skins natural regeneration. It contains an abundance of active ingredients including antioxidants, known to provide effective protection against the effects of premature ageing of the skin.

The inner leaf filet can also be used for drinks or you can eat it. Aloe vera is a holistic food which contains an abundance of important active ingredients are recorded in literature. The most important of these active ingredients is Aloverose (in literature Acemannan is used as the synonym for this ingredient). It is this ingredient that nutritionists and dermatologists point to as the critical ingredient for positive effects on the body, both internally and externally.

Simply remove the leaf fillet from the exterior and freeze in portions. Thaw as required.

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aloe vera pflanze santaverde naturkosmetik

Aloe vera plant

Long before the Europeans discovered this plant it was used by native people to support the purification and regeneration of the body, internally and externally. The -at a first glance cacti similar- plant belongs to the lily family. It is a succulent plant, that has the possibility to store enormous amounts of moisture and nutrients in their leaves and thus can survive long periods without water or earth.
It has captured and stored an abundance of vitality and moisture and pure energy from the sun. Its purity and extraordinary effects on the skin and entire body makes it ideal for internal and external use.

Aloe vera baby plants from our finca in Andalusia are between 6 – 12 months old and approx. 30 cm high. An aloe vera plant needs 3-4 years of growing to develop the optimal amount of valuable substances. For the time until your plant gets mature you can obtain fresh aloe vera leaves from mature plants at Santaverde.

For the time until your plant gets mature you can obtain fresh aloe vera leaves from mature plants at Santaverde.

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