pure - Calming care for impure skin

The pure care line is effective against impurities and prevents their formation without drying and irritating the skin.
Pansy blossoms and salicylic acid from willow bark have an antibacterial and sebum regulating effect, while pure aloe vera juice calms, provides the skin with moisture and soothes reddened and inflamed skin.
The balancing products leave the skin refined and clear.

pure gruppe santaverde naturkosmetik
pure clarifying toner santaverde naturkosmetik

pure clarifying toner

fragrance free

  • clarifies the skin appearance
  • prevents the formation of impurities

The facial toner clarifies the skin, hydrates and intensifies the effect of care products applied thereafter. Pure aloe vera juice calms and provides intensive moisture. Vitalising thyme hydrolate has skin clearing effects and regulates the sebum production. Pansy blossom extract and salicylic acid from willow bark prevent impurities due to their antibacterial properties.
Lends sensitive and impure skin a clear and refreshed appearance.

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pure mattifying fluid santaverde naturkosmetik

pure mattifying fluid

fragrance free

  • counteracts impurities
  • lends a matted and clear complexion

The mattifying fluid nourishes the skin, counteracts impurities and prevents their formation. Pure aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid provide and bind intensive moisture and protect the skin barrier. Anti-inflammatory pansy blossom extract as well as sebum regulating salicylic acid from willow bark are effective against blocked pores and shiny skin areas. Calming oils from evening primrose and rosehip sooth redness and have a protecting and caring effect. The fine texture is quickly absorbed and leaves the sensitive, shiny and impure skin matted, clean and clear.

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pure refining serum santaverde naturkosmetik

pure refining serum

fragrance free

  • refines the skin
  • soothes reddened and inflamed skin

The light serum optimises the oil and moisture balance of the skin and promotes a refined skin. Pure aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid provide the skin with long-lasting moisture and stabilise the barrier function. Due to their antibacterial properties, pansy blossom extract and salicylic acid from willow bark regulate sebum production and are effective against inflamed pores. Evening primrose oil soothes irritations and calms reddened and inflamed skin. Lends sensitive, irritated and impure skin a well-balanced, clear complexion.

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