The age protect range

The innovative age protect anti-ageing range combines powerful natural ingredients and provides demanding skin with everything it needs for a radiant, gently smoothed and even complexion.

Alongside a base of pure aloe vera juice, the main ingredient is the precious nectar of aloe vera blossom with its high antioxidant capacity. A unique complex of active ingredients from plant roots reduces the appearance of pigmentation problems and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Fine oils leave the skin relaxed and supple.

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Award winner

The age protect range convinced at the most important beauty awards:

At the Prix de Beautè of the Swiss magazine Annabelle, the age protect moisturiser was the winner of the category “Naturkosmetik Prestige & Populär”.

age protect toner, moisturiser, facial oil and boost were awarded with the prestigious SPA Diamond Award from the Busche Verlag in the category “Green Anti-Aging”.


The impact on your skin

Santaverde Naturkosmetik aloe vera bluete

Effective protection of free radicals

The exclusive main ingredient of age protect is the precious aloe vera blossom nectar.

The blossom is processed at our own laboratory in Spain, to produce an antioxidant elixir, which works to strengthen the skin’s own defenses and protect against the harmful effects of free radicals and oxidative stress.

With age protect you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals and therefore prevent the aging of your skin.

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Reduction of uneven pigmentation

age protect contains a unique anti-ageing complex from plant roots, inspired by the European herbal medicine and the traditional Chinese medicine. These plant roots decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation, a treat often seen in mature skin.

Scientific studies demonstrate that the combination of these extracts stimulates synthesis of collagen and counteracts oxidative stress, which is among other things caused by UV radiation and environmental pollution.

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Hydration and regeneration for firmer skin

Pure aloe vera juice from our own cultivation replaces the standard main ingredient, water, in all Santaverde skin care products. The pure juice supplies and binds moisture, activates the skin’s regeneration and provides a source of nutrients for cell regeneration.


age protect products

gesichtspflege age protect toner santaverde naturkosmetik

age protect toner

  • protects against free radicals
  • reduces pigment spots

Anti-ageing facial toner, rich in antioxidants, with hydrating properties to support and enhance the moisturising process as part of your daily age protect routine.

Pure aloe vera juice instantly hydrates. Aloe vera blossoms and rockrose petals strengthen the skin's own processes offering intensive protection against free radicals and oxidative stress. Provides optimal care for hyperpigmentation. Promotes a fresh, vitalised and even complexion.

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gesichtspflege age protect cream santaverde naturkosmetik

age protect cream

  • strengthens skin structure
  • reduces hyperpigmentation

Anti-ageing facial cream to strengthen skin structure to support demanding or sensitive skin.

Pure aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid intensively hydrate and bind moisture, leaving the skin gently smoothed. Antioxidant-rich aloe vera blossoms and cell-protective oils from evening primrose and apricot provide protection against the harmful effects of free radicals. Active ingredients from high-quality root extracts strengthen the skin structure and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Provides demanding or sensitive skin with a smoothed and radiant complexion.

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gesichtspflege age protect fluid santaverde naturkosmetik

age protect fluid

+ lightly tinted + SPF 6

  • protects against UV-indicated skin ageing
  • gives an even complexion

This softly tinted fluid combines the effectiveness of an anti-ageing care with a light sunscreen for daily use.

Pure aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid and meadowsweet optimise moisture enrichment, increase skin resiliance and gently smooth. Antioxidant-rich ingredients from aloe vera blossoms and green tea, combined with mineral sun protection, protect the skin from free radicals and UVB/UVA radiation. Active ingredients from high-quality root extracts are effective against pigment irregularities and, together with the light tinting, give an even complexion.

This light day care product individually adapts to every skin tone and gives demanding or sensitive skin a naturally radiant appearance.

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gesichtspflege age protect serum santaverde naturkosmetik

age protect serum

  • activates cell renewal
  • corrects pigment irregularities

This fine anti-ageing serum activates cell renewal and hydrates the deeper layers of the skin.

Pure aloe vera juice, raspberry seed oil and hyaluronic acid actively provide and bind moisture in the skin and have a gentle firming effect. Antioxidant-rich and cell-protective active ingredients from aloe vera blossoms and tiger nuts reduce free radicals that damage the skin. Active ingredients from high-quality root extracts correct pigment irregularities and prevent their formation in advance.

Gives demanding or sensitive skin new energy and an even complexion.

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gesichtspflege age protect oil santaverde naturkosmetik

age protect oil

  • strengthens the skin’s elasticity
  • regulates pigmentation

Anti-ageing facial oil to provide nourishing lipids, smooth the skin and prevent signs of ageing.

Valuable seed oils from argan fruit, evening primrose, apricot and thistle strengthen the skin's natural barrier function, smooth fine lines and improve elasticity. Antioxidant-rich aloe vera blossoms protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. Active ingredients from high-quality root extracts visibly regulate excess pigmentation.

The luxurious formulation is quickly absorbed, leaving the complexion smooth and even. Especially suitable for demanding, dry or sensitive skin.

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gesichtspflege age protect intensive treatment santaverde naturkosmetik

age protect intensive treatment

  • stimulates collagen production
  • reduces pigment irregularities

Concentrated anti-ageing active ingredients strengthen the skin barrier and reduce pigment irregularities.

Pure aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid instantly optimise the natural moisturising process of the skin while the formulation of antioxidant-rich aloe vera blossoms, sea buckthorn and apple extract protects against the harmful effects of free radicals. Active ingredients from valuable root extracts stimulate the generation of collagen and regulate melanin production to support the reduction of hyperpigmentation.

Soothes and regenerates demanding, stressed or sensitive skin and improves the smoothness of skin appearance.

Tip: Can be used for 10 days as an intensive treatment or as required.

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Active, natural ingredients

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