Tips for facial cleansing

The basis of an effective facial care is thorough cleansing. Find out why cleansing is so important, which type of cleansing is best for your skin type and for what else you can use Santaverde cleansers.



During the day, excess sebum, dead skin cells, sweat and dirt particles from the environment accumulate on our skin. In addition, most women use make-up. All of these influences can unbalance the skin, irritate or clog pores and lead to impurities. Water alone removes only water-soluble substances and is therefore not sufficient, especially in the evening. A good facial cleanser frees the skin gently and thoroughly from make-up and dirt without attacking the sensitive hydro-lipid balance and prepares it for the subsequent care. Freshly cleaned skin better absorbs the active ingredients of a care.


Facial cleaning for every skin condition

Nobody is too old or too young for cleansing. Every skin benefits from this care step. But not every skin has the same needs. As with facial care products, the range of cleansers is also wide: from light, oil-free gels to rich textures. Whether pore-deep cleansing, clarifying impurities, soothing irritated skin or moisturising dry skin. If you choose the right cleanser, you can do something good for your skin and permanently optimise your beauty routine.


Santaverde facial cleanser

Santaverde has developed four different cleansers for the individual skin types. All meet the needs of a sensitive facial skin and clean gently and thoroughly, without attacking the natural acid mantle of the skin.


Facial cleansers for combination, oily and impure skin


Oil-free cleansing gels that cleanse deeply and are mild and gentle at the same time, such as the Santaverde cleansing gel and the pure purifying cleanser are particularly suitable for these skin types. A combination skin has dry areas, but is rather oily at other areas - usually in ​​the T-zone. So it needs a cleansing that moisturises the dry skin but does not re-grease.


Soothing, moisturising and antibacterial agents

Especially with greasy skin that tends to blemish, it is important to thoroughly cleanse the skin in the morning and in the evening, as the sebum from overnight can clog the pores. Keratolytic active ingredients such as salicylic acid from willow bark regulate the excessive sebum production and thus prevent inflammation. Antibacterial ingredients such as rosemary or pansy flowers help to reduce the formation of impurities. The pure aloe vera juice contained in the Santaverde cleansers protects the skin in combination with seaweed extract from drying out. Reddened and irritated skin is soothed by the aloe vera juice.


Facial cleansers for dry, stressed and mature skin

For dry, stressed and mature skin, creamy textures such as the Santaverde cleansing emulsion or the XINGU age perfect cleansing balm are the first choice for removing gently dirt and make-up residues from the skin. Dry skin often lacks fats, mature skin loses additional moisture as well as elasticity and stressed skin quickly reacts irritated.


Nourishing, moisturising and antioxidant ingredients

Creamy cleansers protect the sensitive hydro-lipid balance particularly intensively, have a moisturising effect because of nut or seed oils and give a soft skin feeling. The aloe vera juice contained in the Santaverde products provides moisture and soothes the skin. Antioxidant ingredients such as carotenoids from cashew juice neutralize free radicals. So your skin already gets an extra portion of care during cleansing.


How to apply the Santaverde cleansers

Cleansers should be applied to the moisturised face and pre-emulsified in the hands or directly on the face with a little water. A hazelnut-sized amount is enough. You can decide whether you massage in the cleanser with your hands, a cleaning brush or a cleaning sponge for an extra exfoliating effect. It is important to wash off the cleanser well and thoroughly. The water should be pleasantly warm, but not hot, as this can lead to enlarged capillaries or dry out your skin.


Gentle to the sensitive eye area

For gentle removal of eye make-up, the cleansing emulsion or the XINGU age perfect cleansing balm is perfectly suitable. When removing make-up you should apply as little pressure as possible to the delicate eye area so that the sensitive skin is not irritated.


Pleasant for body shaving

The Santaverde cleansing gels are also ideal as a body shaving gel and ensure a pleasant shave without irritation. To close the pores after shaving and to soothe the skin, we recommend to apply a light moisturising gel such as aloe vera gel pur.


Also gentle for men's skin

When shaving sensitive men's skin, the cleansing emulsion is particularly beneficial. For demanding men's skin you should use the antioxidant XINGU age perfect cleansing balm. The pure purifying cleanser is the ideal shaving gel for impure and sensitive skin, as it has a mild and anti-inflammatory effect.


Extra lipid booster

For particularly dry skin, the rich Santaverde cleansers, the cleansing emulsion or the XINGU age perfect cleansing balm can be mixed with a few drops of the extra rich beauty elixir or age protect oil. Thus, sensitive and dry skin is supplied with additional lipids and is gently treated.


Antioxidant cleansing mask

The creamy XINGU age perfect cleansing balm can also act as a mask for one to two minutes on the skin. So the antioxidants work effectively on the skin and give it an extra care. Then rinse the balm thoroughly with lukewarm water as usual.


And after cleansing?

After cleansing it is important to prepare your skin optimally for the subsequent care. By spraying a toner, rich in active ingredients, the pores absorb the moisture and lipids of the subsequent applied cream, serum or oil easily and thankfully.




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