Skin care tips for summer

While we enjoy the summer to the fullest, this time can be stressful for our skin. With our skin care tips, you'll enjoy the summer fresh and cared!


During the summer time, we are full of energy and good humor. Our skin adapts to the warmer temperatures, too: The sebaceous glands of the skin are more active, more lipids are produced. Intuitively, we switch to a lighter, non-oily skin care in summer.

While we enjoy the summer to the fullest, this time can be exhausting for our skin. Frequent showers, increased sweating and swimming in chlorinated or salt water withdraw moisture from the skin.

Treat your skin with an extra dose of moisturizing, regenerative active ingredients. Enjoy the summer fresh and cared with our skin care tips!



Summer recommendations for skin and hair


aloepur: moisturiser


The pure juice contains over 200 different vital substances, such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids with a high bioavailability. Used internally, it supplies the body with valuable nutrients and detoxifies gently. For the skin, it has an moisturising and regenerative effect.

Summer tips

Your scalp is stressed out after a day enjoying the sun? Pamper it with a moisturising tincture: After hair wash, apply four fo five tablespoons of aloepur on your scalp. Gently massage in and allow to take effect for five minutes. Afterwards, rinse with cool water. Your scalp and your hair roots will be nourished with nutrients.

When applied to cotton pads, the pure Aloe vera juice is perfect for a cooling, moisturising eye compress.

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toner sensitive: thirst-quencher


Our aloe vera toner sensitive contains moisturising Aloe vera juice and fragrant rose water. The active ingredient-rich moisture refreshes and strengthens dry and sun-stressed skin.


Summer tips

Used before applying the cream or occasionally, the moisturising mist ensures refreshment. With its fine texture, it can be applied on makeup, too.

During summer time, store your toner in the refrigerator - so the fine spray will be a welcome cooling.

You're planning a vacation? In hand baggage, your toner provides rapid relief to dry air-conditioning air.

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pure aloe vera gel: beach companion


This light gel contains pure Aloe vera juice from our own, certified organic cultivation. The active substance-complex of Aloe vera provides our skin with all important nutrients for natural cell renewal. The pure aloe vera gel reduces inflammation of sun stressed skin and cools due to its high moisture content.


Summer tips

After too much sun, the pure aloe vera gel provides first aid - it's intensively moisturising, has anti-inflammatory effects and cools irritated skin. For a hydrating after sun care, mix the light gel into your body lotion. Applied after shaving or depilation it prevents inflammation and soothes the skin.

Your body lotion is too rich for summer? With this tip, your care will be super flexible: Mix the pure aloe vera gel with a few drops of pure oil (e.g. extra rich beauty elixir). With this fresh emulsion, you can individually measure out the richness of your body care. Give it a try!

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extra rich beauty elixir: hair care extra


Our extra rich beauty elixir contains 100 % pure and certified organic seed oils such as oils from apricot kernels, almonds and passion fruit seeds. Too rich for the summer? Not at all. If used smartly, the oil becomes an insider's tip for summer.


Summer tips

Stressed hair ends are pleased with two to three drops of the beauty elixir - apply the oil before shampooing and allow to take effect for at least five minutes.

For particularly delicate manicured hands and feet we recommend a do-it-yourself scrub: Mix a few drops of extra rich beauty elixir in two teaspoons of sugar. Massage the sugar paste gently into the skin of hands or feet and rinse off with water. The skin will be tender and soft.

A light, scented body gel results by mixing the extra rich beauty elixir with the pure aloe vera gel (see also pure aloe vera gel tips).

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