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A smooth, even eye area lets the eyes shine and gives a fresh look. Discover all tipps and tricks concerning an effective eye care and for what you use eye care products in addition.


Lack of sleep, alcohol, nicotine or an unhealthy diet can be seen particularly quickly on delicate skin. A healthy lifestyle is obviously important for healthy and beautiful skin. The right care can additionally support the delicate eye area and have a moisturising, nourishing, decongestant, vitalising, cooling or smoothing effect.


Special facts about the eye area

The skin around the eyes is even thinner and softer than the facial skin. The epidermis, the outer skin layer, is approx. 0.1 mm thick - but only approx. 0.05 mm around the eyes. It is barely protected by sebaceous and sweat glands. In addition, there are stresses such as mimic movements and external influences such as temperature fluctuations, air conditioning or dry heating air.



Why you should use eye care

Due to its special texture and intense stress, this highly sensitive skin requires special attention and care. Otherwise you will notice wrinkles and swellings quickly. But when should you start using eye care? As a general rule, from mid-20 onwards, the skin is no longer so well supplied with blood and loses moisture. From this point on it is worthwhile to include eye care in your daily care routine.



The best active ingredients for the eye area

Eye care depends on the right ingredients in order to achieve an optimal result. Especially combinations of aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid provide the skin with intensive and lasting moisture. High-quality plant oils from sea buckthorn berries, jojoba or grape seeds regenerate the delicate eye area and preserve its elasticity. If eye care should have a decongestant and invigorating effect, guarana is the perfect choice due to its high caffeine content. Eyebright also reduces swelling and has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and calming effect thanks to flavonoids. Ingredients such as ectoin or omega 9 ceramides from olive oil support cell renewal and have a repairing effect, for example on UV-induced skin damage.



Finding the right eye care product

Whether dark circles, swellings, dryness lines or irritations and redness: There is a wide variety of individual demands and wishes for the right care product. As the need for care varies depending on age and skin conditions, Santaverde has developed three different eye care products that all combine the moisturising and regenerating properties of aloe vera. The gentle eye cream fragrance free, the rich XINGU age perfect eye cream and the smoothing and vitalising XINGU age perfect eye serum.


Tips & tricks for Santaverde eye care

After cleansing and toning, the eye care should ideally be applied in the mornings and evenings to the skin around the eyes. Concerning the quantity the size of a grain of rice is sufficient, which is best gently patted in with the fingertip. This avoids too much pressure on the sensitive skin tissue, but at the same time promotes blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin.




Moisture boost for sensitive ones

Mixed with hydro repair gel fragrance free, the eye cream results in an extra-hydrating eye mask for sensitive skin. The fragrance-free formulation is particularly mild and balances irritated skin.


Luxury eye mask for a radiant look

When mixed together, the XINGU age perfect eye serum and the XINGU age perfect eye cream are a luxurious eye pack that has a decongestant, invigorating, smoothing, nourishing and firming effect. Simply apply a little more richly and leave on overnight.


Tightened lip contours

The XINGU age perfect eye serum is also suitable for lip contour care. Applied to the lip contour and gently patted in, the smoothing and vitalising properties are also noticeable on the delicate skin around the lips. The active ingredients hyaluron and ectoin have a moisture-binding, firming and protective effect.


Strong eyelashes

All Santaverde eye care products also have a strengthening effect on the eyelashes due to their high active ingredient content. Apply gently to the edge of the eyelashes with the eyes closed.



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