Get rid of pigmentation spot

Did you enjoy the summer to the full? Then it may be that the sun has left its marks - in the form of pigment spots.


On the forehead, under the eyes, above the upper lip: Many of us struggle with hyperpigmentation in the face. Apart from freckles, the light to dark brown spots are perceived by most as a blemish, which they want to get rid of as fast as possible. With the right care, you can actively combat skin discoloration. Purely natural active ingredients let the stains fade gently.


What are the types of hyperpigmentation?

  • Pigment spots: spotty freckles or so-called age spots caused by UV radiation.
  • Melasma/chlorasma: large "spots" often caused by hormonal changes during and after pregnancy or by taking the contraceptive pill.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: dark discoloration as a consequence of injuries or inflammatory skin diseases such as acne.



Pigment spots are mostly harmless 

The good news is that all forms of hyperpigmentation are generally completely harmless to health and are only an aesthetic problem. The situation may be different with birthmarks or moles, which can be transformed into skin cancer, for example by too much UV radiation.



That's how the brown spots are created

While we enjoy warm sunbeams in summer, our body is busy producing melanin in part of its skin cells, so-called melanocytes. The result: our skin becomes brown. This natural skin pigment protects the skin from sunburn by converting the rays into heat. If this process is disturbed, some of the melanocytes produce too much melanin. The brown pigments clump together and brownish discolorations appear: the pigment spots.


What helps against pigment spots

In order to get rid of pigment spots, there are special creams with synthetic active ingredients that reduce the production of melanin or have a whitening or bleaching effect after longer use. On the other hand, pigment spots can be removed by chemical peelings or laser treatments. These are however already drastic measures, partly with side effects, which many of us do not want to use. But there is another way with organic skin care.




An innovative active ingredient complex regulates melanin production

With age protect, Santaverde has developed a balancing skincare range that naturally reduces pigment spots. This product line contains a composition of plant root extracts derived from three plants: sickle-leaved rabbit ear, mongolian tragacanth and large-headed salivary herb. They can be found in Southern Europe and Asia and are also partly used in traditional Chinese medicine. This active ingredient complex naturally balances the metabolism of melanin formation and regulates the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for melanin production. This reduces the excessive formation of melanin in some areas and prevents the formation of new pigment accumulations at certain points. The pigment spots fade slowly.



Preventing pigmentation spots

Of course, it is best not to let the brown stains develop in the first place. This is not always easy because some pigment disorders are genetic or hormonal. A non-hormonal contraceptive method and the prevention of a deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B12 can be very helpful from a current medical point of view. Also a good mineral sun protection, a sun hat for lunchtime and the appropriate care like age protect can help to prevent pigment spots.


age protect apply preventively

Ideally, age protect products should be used before the first contact with the sun in order to regulate the melanin production from the outset. The 10-day age protect intensive treatment, which builds up a protective shield against UV-induced pigmentation and provides intensive care at the same time, is particularly suitable as an initial product. The ampoules can be gently patted into the skin in the morning or evening alone or as a serum before the age protect cream. The lightly tinted age protect fluid gives the skin an even appearance and protects with a SPF 6 against UVB/UVA radiation.


How long should I use products against pigment spots?

Visible results can be achieved after four to eight weeks of regular use, according to the natural skin renewal cycle. You don't have to use all six age protect products to lighten pigmentation spots. All age protect products interfere with the formation of melanin and work against all the above mentioned types of hyperpigmentation. Simply replace your usual care with the balancing products for a while.



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