Detox skincare for a healthy and fresh looking skin

Spring is coming – treat yourself with a detox care! The decisive factor for a healthy and fresh looking skin is a sufficient supply of moisture. But equally important is a cleaning from the inside.


A healthy digestive system supports the desired detox effect, because harmful substances are more readily excreted. Thus, a good feeling has an effect on the beauty from the inside, which in turn is reflected in a radiant skin and a tight body.

Santaverde founder Sabine Beer emphasizes the power of Aloe vera: “This great healing plant provides your skin and the entire body with intensive and lasting moisture. In addition, the ingredients in the plant have a gentle, natural detoxifying effect.


aloe vera hydro repair gel

This delicate gel made from pure aloe vera juice and elderflower extract, evening primerose oil and mango butter is an absolute moisture booster. At the same time it regenerates the skin and rebuilds the moisture balance.

Application: The serum should be applied in the morning and evening extremely thin after cleaning and toning – alone or before your moisturizing cream.

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age protect boost


The ampoules contain an intensively regenerating anti-aging active ingredient concentrate with antioxidant-rich aloe vera blossoms. For best results, a 10-day treatment is recommended. The skin is provided with build-up substances, which strengthen the skin barrier and regulate the melanin production.

Usage: After cleansing and toning, shake ampoule gently, hold with a tissue and break at the white line. Use hands to gently press into face, neck and décolleté.

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aloe vera body firming gel

This friming gel detoxifies skin and connective tissue and helps, in combination with an exercise program, to bring the body into the desired shape. The fast-absorbing gel activates microcirculation and metabolism of the skin. Here unfolds the synergistic power of pure aloe vera juice supplemented with plant extracts from young ivy, butcher’s broom, rosemary and tiger gras. Pure caffeine from green tea and stimulatory essential oils from grapefruit and mandarin support the firming effect on skin and connective tissue.

Usage: At least twice a day, prepare the problem zones of your skin with a gentle massage. Thereafter, apply the firming gel and massage in gently.

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aloepur – pure aloe vera juice


The pure aloe vera juice helps the body from the inside to get rid of undesirable substances. Aloepur is 100 % pure Aloe vera juice without any additives, naturally cloudy and rich in active substances. The plant has been used in many cultures for centuries as a natural remedy to improve overall well-being.

Certified organic cultivation and processing of the fresh Aloe vera leaves entirely by hand guarantees a high content of valuable aloverose, Aloe vera’s most important ingredient.

Recommended dosage: 50 ml of aloepur daily before breakfast – purely, mixed with mineral water or fruit juice. The daily amount of 50 ml can be doubled if necessary.

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XINGU age perfect eye serum

Anti-ageing eye serum to smooth and revitalise formulated with powerful active ingredients from the Brazilian rainforest to condition the delicate eye area with everything it needs for a refreshed appearance. An elixir from aloe vera leaves and cashew fruits, high in active ingredients, provides the skin with powerful antioxidants and intense moisture. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture and tightens.
The combination of caffeine-rich guarana and calming eyebright extract reduces puffiness and has a vitalising effect.

Usage: After cleansing and toning apply gently around the eye. Use on its own or in combination with XINGU eye cream.

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