Detox skin care for a healthy and fresh looking skin

The decisive factor for a healthy and fresh looking skin is a sufficient supply of moisture. But equally important is a cleaning from the inside.


Instead of calm and balance, our lives in today's fast-moving world are often dominated by emotional stress and environmental pollution. Bad nutrition makes us lazy and so the evening sports programme is replaced by the cosy couch. All this does not leave our body and especially our skin untouched. It is high time to enjoy detox care - from the inside and outside.  Ideal time: The approaching end of winter and the beginning of spring.

What does detox mean?

The term "detox" stands for a centuries-old healing method from the field of naturopathy. It is about cleaning, purifying and freeing the body from harmful substances. Poor nutrition can lead to the accumulation of many toxins in the body, so that the organs can no longer cope with the removal of these toxins. The result: cells become clogged, the body is over-acidified and is under stress. This can lead to pale skin, feelings of listlessness or sleep and metabolic disorders.

Orthodox medical practitioners are critical of this approach, since the mentioned deposits cannot be scientifically proven. It is rather the age-old knowledge of the empirical medicine that recommends times of renouncement and fasting for a healthy life. Nevertheless, everyone agrees: a detox treatment does no harm at all.


Positive effects of a detox treatment

A healthy digestive system supports the desired detox effect, because harmful substances are more readily excreted. Thus, a good feeling has an effect on the beauty from the inside, which in turn is reflected in a radiant skin and a tight body. Santaverde founder Sabine Beer emphasises the power of Aloe vera: “This great healing plant provides your skin and the entire body with intensive and lasting moisture. In addition, the ingredients in the plant have a gentle, natural detoxifying effect.”


How long should a detox cure last?

The duration of the detox treatment depends entirely on your needs. Depending on how much your body is acidotic and stressed, you can adjust your detox plan individually. In order to recharge your batteries, even a short detox time-out is suitable - whether for a day or a long weekend: In either case you will do yourself a favour. However, the longer a detox treatment is, the greater the effects can be.


Clean skin: Detox tips for a glowing teint

Care rituals and relaxing spa moments during a detox treatment are not only beneficial for the skin, but also for our soul. The psyche and especially stress also have a major impact on the appearance of our skin.

Protect the skin from environmental influences

Exhaust fumes, fine dust, dirt particles and UV radiation: Every day our skin is exposed to many stressful influences. The consequences can be impure skin and premature skin aging. Therefore: Protect and relieve your facial skin with high-quality facial care.


Santaverde age protect against free radicals

Use a day cream that protects against sun rays and free radicals.  The age protect fluid with SPF 6 is perfectly suited as daily sun protection. At the same time, the power of the aloe vera blossom strengthens the skin's own defences and has a high antioxidant capacity, which has been proven to protect against free radicals and oxidative stress, thus also achieving an effective anti-ageing effect. The aloe vera blossom is contained in all Santaverde age protect products.

Pore-deep facial cleansing

A daily, thorough facial cleansing removes unwanted intruders from the skin and thus prevents clogged pores and impurities. In addition, freshly cleansed skin can better absorb the subsequent care. Find the right care for your skin type here.

Make-up fasting

Not using daily make-up for a few days will let your skin breathe again. If you still want a lightly tinted complexion, you can use age protect fluid to create an even skin appearance. Tip: During this time, provide the skin with additional oxygen by taking long walks in the fresh air. This promotes blood circulation and ensures a fresh complexion.

Refreshing face masks

Beneficial for facial skin and soul: a rich face mask repairs irritated skin and makes dryness wrinkles disappear. Santaverde Tip: Enjoy a few hours of wellness within your own four walls: apply the extra rich cream & mask carefully to your face and relax for a few minutes to beautiful music. Alternatively, an ampoule of the intensively regenerating age protect intensive treatment will make your skin glow.

Stimulate skin and connective tissue

In addition to refreshing walks, skin firming body gels also help to promote blood circulation and thus prevent tired legs or slack connective tissue. To do this, massage the Santaverde body firming gel into your skin with circular movements and light pressure. It activates the cell metabolism and leaves your skin refreshed and nourished.


Nutrition and exercise: Detox from the inside

Nutrition has a considerable influence on our skin and the entire organism. True to the motto: You are what you eat. The important thing is to take enough time for eating and to do light sports, such as yoga or Pilates.

Do's: basic meals

A light body feeling and a beautiful complexion can best be achieved with a regulated acid-base balance. This can be reached if your diet is full of fresh and plant-based foods that contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins:

  • superfoods like aloe vera, acai berries or chia seeds
  • raw fruit and vegetables
  • nuts, legumes
  • seeds and sprouts
  • plenty of still water and tea

Santaverde recommends: delicious smoothies with 100 % organic pure aloe vera direct juice aloepur or alternatively drink 50 ml aloepur undiluted or mixed with mineral water or fruit juice daily before breakfast. You can increase the daily amount of 50 ml to 2-3 times as much as you like.


Don'ts: acid-forming foods

In order to rid the body of harmful substances, you should avoid foods during a detox treatment  which are known as acid producers:

  • industrial sugar
  • white flour products
  • milk products
  • meat, fish
  • coffee, black tea, alcohol


A detox treatment is a good introduction to a more conscious and healthier lifestyle. Therefore, after the healing process, a healthy and vital-rich diet and exercise programme should be maintained. You will feel fundamentally better!


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