Brazilian beauty boosting plants

The Brazilian rainforest impresses with its overwhelming botanical diversity.. Many plant species contain valuable nutrients and healing substances that give the skin true beauty. Discover the power ingredients of nature!


The tropical rainforest along the equator is home to the world’s most species-rich ecosystems. In the Amazon Basin is the largest remaining rainforest on earth, with 6.7 million square kilometers and the highest biodiversity. The area covers almost the entire northern part of South America and extends over nine states. The largest part of the rainforest is in Brazil with around 65 percent. Arranged in storeys the rainforest offers various plants numerous niches for a unique and rich botanical world.

Overwhelming biodiversity

The appearance of the plants growing there is uniquely diverse. Already 40,000 plants and 3,000 fish species have so far been identified there. Ten percent of all species worldwide are located in the rainforest. And there are still areas which are not explored.

For example, the mighty Brazil nut tree which is up to 50 meters high rises up out the crown zone of the canopy, while the rather small climbing plant Passiflora edulis – the passion plant – anchored by tendrils on other plants. Some seeds and fruits are only a few millimeters in size, others weigh over 100 kg.



Traditional remedies and cosmetics


The Brazilian rainforest is an inexhaustible source for plants which are medically highly effective. The locals have used them for traditional remedies and cosmetic products for centuries. Scientific studies from the last decades confirm the traditional knowledge.

Superfood from the rainforest

The modern healthy diet can not be imagined without ingredients from the rainforest: acai, guarana, cocao or coconut – especially the high amount of active ingredients, the special composition of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fatty acids or the antioxidant power make these plants so special.

Powerful anti-ageing ingredients for mature skin

The natural power plants from the rain forest ecosystem are also a "superfood" for the skin care. Whether Cupuacu against loss of elasticity, Paracress as "bio botox" or Guarana extract to stimulate cell metabolism – the unique treasures of the rainforest are ideal for the care of mature and demanding skin.


Santaverde and the natural treasures

In late 1990, when the company Santaverde was already over 10 years old, the Santaverde founders Sabine and Kurt Beer traveled several times to the northeast of Brazil. On a trip to the Amazon they got to know the vast biodiversity of the Brazilian rainforest as well as the people who live on the plants from the untouched rainforest. They also witnessed the Amazon tribes struggle against the deforestation of the rainforests, the diversion of the rivers, and the expulsion of the natives to create power plants and acreage for animal feed of the meat industry.


The story of Santaverde XINGU age perfect

The idea came up to use the unique power of the plants for the Santaverde cosmetic recipes and at the same time to create income opportunities outside of the tropical timber industry for the indigenous people and thereby protect the rainforest. After many discussions with the locals and scientists of the University of Fortaleza, the plants with the best cosmetic properties were selected and a cosmetic line was developed for mature and demanding skin: XINGU age perfect.


Along the course of the Rio Xingu


The name of the product range symbolises the origin of the active plant substances it contains: centuries-old and exceptionally powerful plants are growing along the course of the Rio Xingu from which Santaverde gains the precious antioxidant oils and extracts. The river Xingu originates in Mato Grosso and flows into the enormous Amazon River. It is one of the holy rivers for the natives and stands for vitality and infinite fertility.


XINGU age perfect - with beauty-boosting plants from the Brazilian rainforest

As a premium skin care line for demanding skin, XINGU age perfect is active against all signs of skin aging. Oxidative stress and free radicals are reduced, the skin barrier is strengthened and the regeneration stimulated - with the result of a fresh, recovered and healthy skin. This multiple benefit comes from the active ingredients of more than ten plants of the Brazilian rainforest that have been used by the indigenous peoples for centuries as a healing and care product. Valuable oils from Brazil nut, cupuacu, babassu, andiroba, passion fruit and cocoa contain unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 9 ceramides, linoleic and linolenic acid. They strengthen the skin elasticity, nourish intensively and support the rebuilding of skin cells. Highly effective cashew, acai, guarana and cassia alata antioxidant complexes form a protective barrier against free radicals and ensure smooth and firm skin.


Manual labour and sustainable protection of the threatened rainforest

The increasing demand for tropical timber, metals such as gold or iron ore, raw materials for gasoline and animal feeds leads to a large-scale deforestation of the rainforest. This mainly affects the local population as well as the local and global environment. In the extraction of cosmetic raw materials, therefore, Santaverde pays special attention to the sustainable protection of the rainforest: In the rainforests on the banks of the Xingu River, medical locals gather wild fruits and seeds from wild trees, without jeopardizing the survival of these rainforest giants.


Often long distances between the collection points must be covered on foot where immediately the further processing takes place in small oil mills or by drying in the sun. The collection work and the on-site processing ensure many things: the livelihood of the local population, the inviolability of the rainforest and for the users of Santaverde cosmetics the certainty that only 100% pure juices, oils and extracts with the entire active complex of fresh plants is found in the Santaverde cosmetics.


The interaction of plants and animals in the rainforest


One part of our XINGU age perfect product line is the skin-protecting oil of the Brazil nut – its name describes its origin, the Para region in the Amazon.

The Brazil nut trees can become 300 years old and their reproduction depends on the untouched rainforest ecosystem, they can’t be cultivated in plantations: fallen fruits of the Brazil nut tree are nibbled and seeds are eaten by rodents, the agoutis. Because the agoutis spread and bury the uneaten rests, which can then germinate, they contribute significantly to the distribution and preservation of Brazil nut stocks.


The pollination which is necessary for the reproduction of the Brazil nut tree is done by a very specific type of insect, the female orchid bees. On the other hand the male orchid bees pollinate the orchids which grow on the Brazil nut tree. Both animals, the agoutis as well as the orchid bees and thus the Brazil nut trees can only survive in untouched rainforests and are an example of the nature’s fine network. In our XINGU age perfect cosmetics, the Brazil nut provides antioxidant minerals such as selenium for protection against premature skin ageing and linoleic acids which are an excellent source of elastin.




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