Beautiful skin despite the cold

The frostier the temperature in winter, the more our skin needs to be protected. Discover tips for the care of demanding skin when it’s freezing cold outside!

Feel comfortable in your skin even during the cold season – with rich organic skin care products from valuable oils and plant juices.


Outside zero degrees, inside 24 degrees Celsius. For Central Europeans a normal winter situation. For our skin: pure stress! Cold dries out unprotected skin, dilates pores, causes veins to burst. Besides that dry heating air disturbs the natural moisture balance.


Winter time is stress-skin time

Already at an outside temperature below 8 degrees, the body stops the sebum production completely. We also sweat less so that not enough water gets to the epidermis. Wind, wetness and the temperature change between heated room air and freezing outside dry out especially skin areas which are not protected by clothes – face, lips and hands. Therefore the moisture and fat balance quickly become unbalanced. If our most beautiful organ doesn’t feel comfortable we are not well either. That’s why we should pay more attention to our skin and its care during winter time.


Nuturing cold protection

Enjoy the winter light-hearted: Take long walks in the snow, wrapped comfortable and protect the facial skin with a lipid rich cream against the cold. Nutrient-rich plant juices such as aloe vera and valuable oils should be the key ingredients of your cream. Santaverde replaces the classic “water phase” in all cosmetic formulations with pure aloe vera juice from our own certified organic cultivation. The ingredients of the cosmetic products can be found in the INCI list which is attached to each product or is listed on the packaging. The first mentioned substance is the one with the highest amount in your cream.


Intensive winter care

In winter your skin needs more nutrient-rich moisture, rich ingredients and fat than the rest of the year. Give your skin in overheated rooms relaxing moisture with the help of a toner which you spray on several times a day. A relief for dry heating air! Recommendable are toners without water – but with nourishing plant juices and extracts, for sure without synthetic fragrances, colourings and preservatives.


Tips for the care of demanding skin in winter


Lipid rich care

When applying, mix your face cream with 2-3 drops of facial care oil for getting a better care result. The lipid rich care acts as a barrier protection against the cold. 100 percent pure and certified organic oils care particularly intensively.

High quality oils

Look out for the following ingredients in your rich face cream that are particularly nourishing and nourishing on stressed winter skin: argan oil, evening primrose oil, aloe vera juice, almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, passion fruit oil, grapeseed oil, e.g. the extra rich elixir pure as excellent cold protection or the intensive nourishing cream rich as ideal daily winter care.

Soothing facial masks

Treat yourself from time to time to a nurturing and nourishing face mask.

Moisturizing spray

In case of dry heating air, moisturise your facial skin with a toner several times a day.

Against drying hands

Leave your hand cream richly applied as a regenerative overnight treatment under light cotton gloves.



True organic skin care and certifications

Only certified organic skincare guarantees that no petroleum derivatives as well as synthetic preservatives and other undesirable substances are included. If you also want to be sure that your cosmetic products are not tested on animals or contain animal ingredients, then pay attention to animal welfare and vegan seals on the product packaging. The vegan natural cosmetics from Santaverde offer intensive care products with rich, high-quality oils for effective skin protection in winter.



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