A boost of active ingredients for your skin: Serums, oils and ampoules

The change of seasons, living conditions and environmental influences – your skin is constantly facing new challenges. Serums, oils and ampoules provide support in intensive phases.

The change of seasons, living conditions and environmental influences – your skin is constantly facing new challenges. With highly concentrated active substances you can support your skin in intensive phases.

Serums, oils or ampoules – learn more about the perfect support for your skin care needs and skin type.

Serums – intensive multi-talents

What make serums so special?

A serum contains a higher concentration of active substances than a cream. With its light texture, the active ingredients penetrate the layers of the skin faster and deeper.

Serums are true all-rounder. Depending on the composition of active substances, they serve diverse needs of the skin. They can regenerate, moisturize, balance or act against the signs of aging. Serums aim on long lasting results, they should be part of your daily skin care routine.


Which skin types are suitable for serums?

Due to the light formula serums are basically suitable for every skin type, only the application differs depending on the skin needs. For normal, dry and mature skin, a serum provides extra nutrients, before applying the cream. For combination skin, oily and impure skin it can also be used as a lightweight solo care – especially in summer.

The delicate skin around the eyes benefits from the active ingredient complex of serums, too. Special eye serums nourish the thin, often dry area deeply and effectively.


How to use it

After cleansing and toning, the skin is particularly receptive to active ingredients. The moisture of the toner, which is reach in vital substances, serves as a transport system for the subsequent care. Massage your serum into the toner moist skin for an optimal absorption. Depending on the skin type, a nourishing cream can be applied afterwards.

At night, the skin regenerates most – serums are also highly suitable as night care.


hydro repair gel


The Intensive moisturising facial care gel formulated with pure aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, elderflowers, evening primrose and mango kernel butter has a intensive regenerating effect and calms irritated skin.

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XINGU age perfect serum

Anti-ageing serum with high antioxidant, hand-picked ingredients from the Brazilian rainforest to reduce expression lines and sustainably counteract signs of skin ageing.

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pure refining serum


The skin refining serum formulated with pure aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, pansy blossoms, salicylic acid from willow bark and evening primrose soothes reddened and inflamed skin and gives a clear complexion.

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Facial oils – protecting beauty miracle

What makes facial oils so special?

Regeneration, moisturization and elasticity: Nutrient rich facial oils nourish and protect the skin. Vegetable oils are very similar to the skins own lipid composition, what makes them particularly effective within the lipid layers of the skin. High quality oils strengthen the skins barrier function and resistance. They also provide vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids for the skins cell structure.


Are facial oils suitable for all skin types?

Plant oils are generally suitable for all skin types, because they don’t clog the skin pores. Depending on their composition, they can be the ideal additional care even for combination or oily skin.

For oily and impure skin so-called dry oils should be used, such as grape seed or safflower oil. Dry oils contain a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. They are quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy film on the skin. The applied oil signals the sebaceous glands of the skin that there is no need to produce additional sebum. The skins own sebum production is reduced, blemishes fade away and the complexion refines.

In contrast, rich oils, such as almond or sea buckthorn oil act moisturizing and revitalizing. They are perfect for dry and mature skin. The fine, protective film, which they leave on the skin surface, strengthens its resilience. The high content of nourishing lipids improves skin elasticity.


The correct application of facial oils

Like serums, facial oils are the third skin care step after cleansing and toning. With increased protection or lipids required, we recommend applying the oil directly to the toner moist skin.

If the pure oil is too rich for your skin: Mix two drops of the oil into your cream. With this combination, your skin is provided with an extra portion of caring lipids.


extra rich beauty elixir

100 % pure and certified organic seed oils nourish intensively, support the natural regeneration of your skin, encourage the natural collagen production and increase elasticity. Provides your skin with nutrients and antioxidants and leaves it noticeably protected, supple and smoothed.

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age protect oil


Anti-ageing facial oil to provide nourishing lipids, smooth the skin and prevent signs of ageing. Valuable seed oils from evening primrose, apricot and thistle strengthen the skin's natural barrier function, antioxidant-rich aloe vera blossoms protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

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Cures – concentrated active ingredient power

What makes cures so special?

A cure treatment aims to achieve significant results within a limited time. It contains highly concentrated active ingredients, which penetrate deep into the skin layers, work there and also create a long-lasting nourishing depot. Thus, the temporary treatment has a positive long term effect on the skin, too.


Can cures be applied to any skin type?

The various compositions of active ingredients offer individual solutions for different skin types. Cures may be used on a regular basis or for acute skin needs. Especially dry, stressed or sensitive skin that responds quickly to negative environmental impacts should be pampered with a cure two to three times a year. Also, for the change of seasons, cures bring your skin back into its natural balance.


The correct application

Skin treatments are often offered in ampoules for single use. Thus, the concentrated ingredients are optimally protected and the product is dosed precisely for the application. The content of the ampoule should be applied to the cleansed, toned skin of face, neck and décolleté. We recommend using ampoules for the night. The ingredients can unfold their intensive effect in the nightly regeneration phase. Once opened, the ampoule content should be used within one to two days.


age protect intensive treatment

This 10-day spa treatment regenerates intensively and improves the smoothness of skin appearance. The 1 ml ampoules containing a regenerating anti-aging active ingredient concentrate of pure aloe vera juice, natural hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich aloe vera blossoms and active ingredients from valuable root extracts which regulate melanin production to support the reduction of hyperpigmentation.

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