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Read exciting topics and news about natural cosmetics, ecology and sustainability and get valuable tips for your Santaverde care routine.

Read exciting topics and news about natural cosmetics, ecology and sustainability and get valuable tips for your Santaverde care routine. read more »
The decisive factor for a healthy and fresh looking skin is a sufficient supply of moisture. But equally important is a cleaning from the inside.
Natural cosmetics have a lasting effect on our skin and our environment and are no longer just a trend. But how can you distinguish true natural cosmetics care from "green washed" products?
Did you enjoy the summer to the full? Then it may be that the sun has left its marks - in the form of pigment spots.
A smooth, even eye area lets the eyes shine and gives a fresh look. Discover all tipps and tricks concerning an effective eye care and for what you use eye care products in addition.
They are invisible but a big danger for animals, humans and the environment: microplastic particles. Find out more about these tiny plastic particles: from their origin, over the use up to alternatives.
The basis of an effective facial care is thorough cleansing. Find out why cleansing is so important, which type of cleansing is best for your skin type and for what else you can use Santaverde cleansers.
The frostier the temperature in winter, the more our skin needs to be protected. Discover tips for the care of demanding skin when it’s freezing cold outside!
The Brazilian rainforest impresses with its overwhelming botanical diversity.. Many plant species contain valuable nutrients and healing substances that give the skin true beauty. Discover the power ingredients of nature!
The change of seasons, living conditions and environmental influences – your skin is constantly facing new challenges. Serums, oils and ampoules provide support in intensive phases.
While we enjoy the summer to the fullest, this time can be stressful for our skin. With our skin care tips, you'll enjoy the summer fresh and cared!
Our age protect range was awarded in the segment "Green Anti-Aging" with the prestigious SPA Diamond Award from the publisher Busche Verlag.

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