What is the difference between our anti-ageing lines age protect and XINGU age perfect?

With our anti-ageing product lines you serve the changing needs of your skin in the course of life: Prevent skin ageing or actively reduce visible signs of aging.

You can combine both product lines flexibly. If you want to actively take action against your skin aging, but also wish to reduce pigment spots, we recommend to use the age protect toner and age protect boost complementary to XINGU age perfect. 



What is the aim of our age protect product line?

age protect supports your skin to prevent premature signs of aging and actively combats a particular sign of skin aging: pigment spots.

Besides the pure aloe vera juice, hand-processed aloe vera blossom nectar from our own finca is the exclusive main active ingredient. With its high antioxidant capacity it protects against free radicals and oxidative stress. A new formula of plant roots reduces existing pigmentation spots and prevents their reappearance. The age protect line ensures a radiant, smooth skin by:

- reducing pigment spots
- firming the skin structure
- strengthening the skin elasticity
- moisturizing intensively
- protecting against free radicals

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What is the aim of our XINGU age perfect product line?

XINGU age perfect aims at already existing signs of aging, such as wrinkling and weakening elasticity. The product line is named after the place of origin of its active plant substances: the rainforest along the course of the Rio XINGU in northeastern Brazil. The XINGU age perfect formula is based on pure plant juices from the Aloe vera and cashew plants and supplemented with a highly effective complex of hand-picked Brazilian beauty-boosting plants.

The antioxidant performance of XINGU age perfect is proved and measured using the ORAC method (oxygen radical absorbance capacity). ORAC describes the ability of a product to absorb oxygen free radicals. The product line provides a comprehensive anti-aging performance:


- reduction of lines and wrinkles
- reduction of light- and sun damages
- stimulation of collagen and elastin
- protections against free radicals and oxidative stress

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