The formulation has an impact on the effect of creams

Oil-in-water or water-in-oil formulation? Learn more about the different formulations of creams and which recipe is suitable for your skin.

Creams are emulsions, that means they are a mixture of two liquids. In cosmetics these liquid substances, also called phases, are mostly from water and oils. In the Santaverde formulations, the phases consist of aloe vera juice (instead of water) and natural oils (lipid providing phase).



Water-in-oil formulation

Depending on the formulation, one of the phases (moisture or oil) is, in small droplets, dispersed in the other phase. In the water-in-oil formula water droplets are surrounded by oils - the proportion of oil is particularly large. This formulation forms a rich protective layer on the skin, and is therefore suitable especially for dry skin.

Oil-in-water formulation

In the oil-in-water formulation oil droplets are surrounded by water, thus, emulsions of this recipe are refreshing, highly moisturizing and quickly absorbed. This formulation is suitable for all skin types and also perfect for male skin.

All Santaverde fomulations consist mainly of pure, biological Aloe vera juice. As oil-in-aloe formulation, Santaverde products are intensively moisturising and suitable for all skintypes. Thanks to our skin care principle, our products are also perfect for dry to very dry skin, e.g. by supplementing the basic moisturiser with our 100 % pure seed oil (extra rich beauty elixir).



Figure: Water-in-oil formulation (left-hand) and oil-in-water formulation (right-hand) 



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