Has alcohol a drying effect on the skin?

The issue of alcohol in cosmetic products and its effect on the skin is currently much debated. What is meant here is a chemically designated, "ethanol" called substance, which is an indispensable part of cosmetic products. It improves circulation, toning, refreshing, antibacterial and disinfectant.

Differences in quality and affects on the skin

Decisive for the effect on the skin, however, are the quality and purity of the alcohol used: To avoid the expensive drinking alcohol tax, usually denatured (undrinkable) alcohol (INCI "alkohol denat") is used for cosmetic products. The substances used for denaturants are mostly of synthetic origin and are suspected of causing allergies, affecting the natural protective mechanisms of the skin and having hormonal effects.

Stabilization of natural cosmetics
Of course, natural cosmetics products must be preserved, too. Due to its antibacterial properties and its natural origin alcohol is suitable for this purpose. With the exception of pure oils (extra rich beauty elixir, age protect facial oil), we use alcohol in all our products in very small quantities. The alcohol used by us, however, is bio-alcohol without any synthetic denaturant!

This pure, undenatured alcohol (INCI "Alcohol") is one of the most compatible ways to make natural cosmetics durable and thus makes an important contribution to the stabilization of our products. In contrast to industrially produced denatured alcohol, it has in the by us used amounts no dehydrating effect on the skin and is very well tolerated.

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