Aloverose as quality indicator

Aloverose is one of the main ingredients of aloe vera and a quality indicator of its effectiveness. The higher the proportion of Aloverose in aloe vera gel, the higher the proportion of valuable substances.

The moisturizing, regenerating and healing power of Aloe Vera has been known for thousands of years in traditional medicine. The secret of their effect lies in the holistic interplay of over 200 different nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.



A measure of its quality is its aloverose content. This unique molecule is contained only in the gel of the Aloe vera barbadensis Miller plant. The higher the aloverose content, the higher the proportion of powerful valubable substances and the more intensive the effect on the skin.

Criteria for a high Aloverose content

The particularly high aloverose content of our plants is due to the microclimate in Andalusia and the fact that our cultivation and processing methods are kept as natural as possible.

Organic cultivation

Organic cultivation means we can allow the plant its natural growth period. As a result, it can enrich its valuable active ingredients over a number of years. We avoid enhancing growth by the use of synthetic fertilizers, since this encourages the plant to quickly take up large quantities of water. Of course, this would lead to bigger harvests, but the proportion of active ingredients to water content would decrease rapidly.

Climatic conditions

Series of tests have demonstrated that aloe vera from Andalusia has a p articularly high aloverose content. Thanks to the annual temperature differences between summer and winter, the plants are exposed to positive stress stimuli. These induce them to store more essential ingredients than would be necessary, say, in tropical cultivation areas.

Processing by hand

The aloe vera gel inside the har d exterior casing of the leaves is where the plant’s active ingredients are stored. We extract the valuable gel by hand — a very complex method, but one which preserves all active ingredients of the freshly harvested plant. It is only in this way that we can avoid having to filter out parts of the leaf casing in subsequent processing steps, thereby damaging important active ingredients or losing them completely.

Use of the pure leaf juice

The use of pure aloe vera juice in a product formulation is considerably more complex and expensive than taking dried aloe vera powder and adding water to liquefy it again. The drying process used to produce the powder can damage sensitive ingredients or destroy their holistic correlation. The full effect of aloe vera can only be achieved by using the pure juice.


What is the Aloverose content in Aloe Vera products?


A high Aloverose- and thus active ingredient content is achieved by the interaction of these factors, an expensive and time-consuming process that is worth it. For Santaverde products we guarantee an Aloverose content of 1200 mg Aloverose / liter and thus optimal effectiveness. By comparison, the average value in the market is only 400mg Aloverose / liter.

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