The best skincare for male skin


Care needs of men’s skin

Male skin also needs support to look good and to prevent skin-ageing processes. Male skin has different requirements to female skin. As the sebaceous glands in men are more active, they still need moisture but fewer oils (lipids). Oil-in-water emulsions are well suited to male skin.

Men's facial skin often needs to withstand harsh treatment – daily shaves weaken the skin's own barrier, classic shaving foam or soap products dry the skin out even more. A pH product as gentle as possible helps to keep the protective lipid film of the skin intact.

Does Santaverde offer a care range for men?

We have deliberately not created a specific skincare range for men as many of our products are already ideally suited to men's skin.

Discover the favourites of our male customers:

Santaverde Naturkosmetik aloe vera pflege toner classic

toner classic

Pure moisture rich with vital ingredients – spray on after cleansing the face and after shaving. Pure Aloe vera juice has an anti-inflammatory effect and moisturises the skin, nard distillate clarifies and gives the skin firmness.

Tip: also ideal as an aftershave and hair tonic for scalp irritations

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Santaverde Naturkosmetik aloe vera pflege hydro repair gel serum

hydro repair gel

Pure, moisturising Aloe vera gel, enriched with a few regenerating oils – the ideal basic care product for men's skin.

The gel-like consistency is quickly absorbed and supplies the skin with all the necessary nutrients for its own regeneration.

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age protect serum Santaverde Naturkosmetik Aloe Vera

age protect serum

Hydrating anti-ageing serum, activates cell renewal, gently firms the skin and protects from free radicals.

Corrects pigment irregularities and prevents their formation in advance.

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Santaverde Naturkosmetik aloe vera pflege xingu serum

XINGU age perfect serum

Anti-ageing power from the Brazilian rainforest – the light serum with a particularly high concentration of active ingredients protects the skin from oxidative stress, the no. 1 skin-ageing factor.

It is quickly absorbed and gives a fresh shine to the face.

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age protect fluid Santaverde Naturkosmetik Aloe Vera

age protect fluid

Light anti-aging day care: protects against UV-induced skin ageing and gives an even complexion. Optimizes moisture enrichment, strengthens the skin resilience and gently smoothens.

The light tinting adapts to every skin tone.

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age protect creme Santaverde Naturkosmetik

age protect moisturiser

Anti-Age facial moisturiser to strengthen skin structure to support demanding or sensitive skin. Has a moisturizing, antioxidative and cell-protective effect.

Reduces pigment spots and prevents their reappearance.

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Santaverde Naturkosmetik aloe vera pflege xingu eye serum

XINGU age perfect eye serum

Do you want to reduce expression lines around the eyes? The sensitive eye area requires additional care as it is drier and more vulnerable than the rest of the facial skin.

The xingu eye serum with anti-ageing effect noticeably tightens the skin and is absorbed quickly and completely.

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Santaverde Naturkosmetik aloe vera pflege gel

pure aloe vera gel

Pure Aloe vera gel from 90 % Aloe vera juice – a perfect all-rounder for body and face. Provides moisture and regenerates, the gel-like texture is quickly absorbed and supplies a cooling effect.

Tip: Also ideal for sunburn or skin irritations.

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Unique in formulation and effect

We set ourselves the task of releasing the full effects of Aloe vera in our cosmetics.

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xingu cream

XINGU age perfect

Discover the Anti-Ageing products "XINGU" with an antioxidant elixir made of brazilian beauty plants.

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