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160706 peppermynta ap ampullenkur

age protect boost

Fenja´s conclusion: "I got the age protect boost on an organic skin care blogger event - since then I´m a true fan of it. [...], meanwhile I switched completeley to the Hamburg organic skin care brand. [...] Before I had extremely dry and suddenly blemished skin [...]. Fortunately with Santaverde I got a grip on it."

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"Dear Santaverde team, for nearly a month now, I use two times daily the cleansing milk, the pure aloe vera gel and the light aloe vera cream. Recently, I have ventured to the eye cream (was previously untouched in the cupboard). It is important to me that you know that I actually don't have to take any more antibiotics. I have no more inflammation - the skin is intact and smooth. No signs of perioral dermatitis. Of course, expecially my cheeks are flushed by rosacea, but I can let perform a laser treatment on Monday (because of the inflammation, this was not possible so far). Since 3 years, I have to use creams with metronidazole. Experiements with other products (e.g. the pharmacies cosmetics) have failed miserably. I cannot believe it, but Santaverde has given me a smooth and healthy skin."

Gabriele T., Weisenheim am Sand


"Today I received the Santaverde product set (Gala Select raffle). I'm really happy about the great products and would like to thank you. I tried the body lotion classic directly and I'm thrilled: It is absorbed well, leaves a very pleasant feeling on the skin and also smells wonderful."

Daniela H., Ratingen


„I can only say one thing, I am thrilled!!!
I used the creams, light and medium, in my beauty shootings as a basis for the makeups. The skin is so wonderfully prepared, the models are absolutely happy that I work with natural products and I am totally happy with the result.
The cleansing gel, the toning and the intensive care (oil) I have used for the past 4 weeks for myself. Since the last week, I received compliments from 4 people. I was approached by colleagues and girlfriends, what kind of products I use, as my skin looks extremely bright, tight and good."

F. Bergemann-Gorski, Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist, Worms


"I just wanted to inform you with much joy that our actors have loved your products. They were all very enthusiastic about Santaverde."

C. Moureaud, Make up artist, Luxemburg

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puraliv reinigung aptoner

cleansing milk and age protect toner

Liv's conclusion: "The cleansing milk reliably cleans and is at the same time gentle and soothing. More than any other cleanser it reduces the pores on my nose wings. [...] The age protect toner! This is my third bottle and I don't want to miss it! [...] The toner is the only everyday product known to me, which is affordable in the long run and really has a lasting effect on pigment spots."

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beautyjagd extra rich cream

extra rich cream mask

Julia's conclusion: "Obviously, [my skin] is tired of heating air [...]. That's why I used masks regularly, this week, I used the Santaverde Aloe Vera Extra Rich Cream Mask four times. [...] I would say that in a few days, my skin is back on track! Dry lines and dead skin cells were already reduced, my skin looks more delicate and refined."

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foxycheeks extra rich beauty

extra rich beauty elixir

Hanna's conclusion: „The rich oil is the best for beautiful (nail) skin and can be perfectly blend into the foot cream. For me, a must for manicure and pedicure, because the cuticle looks perfect immediately."

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foxycheeks hydrorepairgel

hydro repair gel

Hanna's conclusion: "The hydro repair gel is to all products I use at the moment, a great addition, you can use it the refreshing gel as serum or solo. I love the feeling after application especially in the morning, because the gel refreshes the eye area and heals small inflammation, redness and other troublemakers."

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journelles santaverde naturkosmetik aloe vera pflege toner test

age protect toner

Hanna's conclusion: "The pure natural cosmetic product comes, like all products from Santaverde WITHOUT water and works with the power of Aloe Vera. This smoothes, nourishes and soothes the skin, oils from evening primrose and apricot in turn have a cell protective effect and smell so delicious!"

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journelles xingu serum glow

XINGU serum

Hanna's conclusion: "The serum is an all-round beauty blast and a real anti-aging hero. It is effective against wrinkles as it activates cell renewal, moisturizes and leaves your skin relaxed and smooth."

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"I got to know your brand on set and use it for many years. My skin is my calling card and I am convinced that Santaverde contributes a large part of that is in such a condition."

Marie Z., actress, Hannover, Germany

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review puraliv ap ton amp 440x240

age protect toner und boost

Liv's conclusion: "[...] the boost and the toner have reduced pigmentation spots. That is why I was particularly thrilled. But the products have even more effects: an even complexion, plumper skin, less dry lines and a glowing skin ".

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review puraliv ap creme oel 440x240

age protect moisturiser and facial oil

Liv's conclusion: "The comfort of use of the products is very high due to the practical packaging, great fragrance and of course the textures. Also, I recognized a high care effect and reduction and counteract of pigment spots [...] "

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"I've met the Santaverde products in the perfumery Marionnaud and am thrilled. My eyes are extremely sensitive and I have tried dozens of creams until a saleswoman recommended the eye cream of Santaverde. The success is visible, no swollen eyes more and furthermore biologically and without animal testing."

Christine B., Secretary, Arlesheim, Switzerland

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review foxycheeks xingu serum 440x240

xingu serum

Hanna's conclusion: "[...] the xingu high antioxidant prevention serum from Santaverde. May seem expensive but is the best and effective contribution to the subject of anti-aging. [...] The lightweight serum does not stick, smells incredibly tasty and will work for me, this is a personal observation, also great for impure skin. This is raw power that I'm going to use every day. "

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"The cream [medium] is fantastic compatible for my very sensitive and irritated skin. Currently I have eczema rash on the face and the cream is just a dream - does not burn, absorbs quickly, leaving behind a wonderfully smooth and neat skin sensation, redness, and irritation are alleviated immediately and long lasting. I could also test a sample of Hydro repair gel and was also impressed - only the scent is very used to, but otherwise top !!! "

Judith B.

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review beautyjagd bodylotio

body lotion classic

Julia's conclusion: "The aloe vera body lotion classic is a perfect summer body lotion for me. The texture is so fresh and light that it can also be used as an after sun care. "

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"All the answers to the question of an effective anti-aging care can be found in nature!"

Dr. med. Anna Sch., doctor, Hamburg, Germany

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review wasmachtheli creme-rich 440x240

rich aloe vera cream

Heli's conclusion: "The Santaverde rich aloe vera cream is absorbed very well at my skin. The skin feels soothed and cared for, without shining. The name "rich" doesn't mean oily. In contrary, the cream feels pleasantly delicate. For my dry skin it is just right as a night cream, because it is nourishing well."

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"I'm excited about the effectiveness of the creams. For years I'm buying only ecological cosmetic, but your nature of processing - especially that such a high proportion of Aloe vera is included - I think it's great and I feel taken seriously as a customer and "blessed".

Christine E.-S., housewife, Gröbenzell, Germany

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review averyveganlife extra

extra rich beauty elixir

Lena's conclusion: "For my sensitive skin, which often tends to become dry, the oil is an absolute delight and my beauty secret when quick help is needed. It is very nourishing and antioxidant."

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"Thank you so much for your skin-friendly, wonderful cosmetic products that I have come to know by Waldemar (makeup artist). Santaverde, what a beautiful name for cosmetics! I'll try everything and feel really comfortable. I like the Santaverde world."

Hannelore E., Actress, Frankfurt, Germany

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aloe vera body firming gel

Liv's conclusion: "Application, finish and ingredients are topp! But does the gel also reflect what the name promises? Yes! I noticed the firming effect immediately after application. I was excited because my skin just seemed to be firmer. "

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"My son's name is Bela (4) and he had a year ago, really bad burns, then had to be transplanted on the shoulders skin. Especially these scars are large and are - if left untreated - beaded. However, by treatment with the pure aloe vera gel and aloe vera plant leaf they have become visibly smoother, and the redness decreased. I'm just so impressed of the great products. During the very hot days the Santaverde Aloe vera products were a great cooling for me. I will recommend your products absolutely! "

Maria Z., Journalist, Munich, Germany